• 20 May 2024
20th Annual Australian Budget Review 2024

On May 14th Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the 2024-25 Federal Budget, with a central focus on alleviating the cost of living pressures felt by Australian’s through promised tax cuts for every taxpayer.

Central focus remains on alleviating the cost of living pressures currently being felt by Australians. The current Government recently modified the previous legislated tax cuts to offer less savings to the higher paid and more to the middle income bracket in order to try and soften the impact of inflation, which has started to slow, albeit not yet to the preferred range of the Reserve Bank.

In his most recent address, Chalmers said “The global economy is uncertain and unpredictable, fraught and fragile” influenced by conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, fragmenting global supply chains, and inflation concerns in North America and China

Australians are eager to know how this Government will address national and economic security with rising global uncertainty in this Budget. And, how it will solve cost of living pressures beyond the Stage 3 tax cuts, as well as shortcomings in education, housing, medical and defence.

Will the Future Made in Australia Act and delivering a global net zero economy be a major focus, and what will this mean for Australian businesses?

And most importantly, what impact will the Budget have on you and your family?

We invite you to watch our 20th Annual Australian Budget Review Webinar, presented by Steve Douglas, to gain insight into:

  • Key insights into the Federal Budget announcement
  • Analyse the economic responses and new initiatives
  • Review the revenue and expenditure priorities
  • Evaluate how the budget may shape the economy
  • The budget impact on Australians, expats, intended migrants and investors
  • Assess the affect the budget may have on Australia’s property markets.

Click here to watch the Webinar.