• 20 Sep 2023
Six reasons a mortgage broker is a key part of any investment strategy

Mortgage brokers are an intrinsic component in any real estate investment strategy, says award-winning finance expert from Specialist Mortgage, Helen Avis.

In the dynamic world of property investment, making informed financial decisions is crucial for long-term success.

As a seasoned property investor, there is an intricate web of factors that influence investment outcomes.

One of the key players in this realm is mortgage broker.

Their expertise can be an invaluable resource for any property venture, whether it’s a first home, investment property, or overseas purchase.

Helen Avis, Director of Finance, Specialist Mortgage, who has recently been recognised as a finalist in multiple categories of the Specialist Finance Group (SFG) National Awards, said an award-winning mortgage broker brings a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond the transactional aspect.

Why engage an award-winning mortgage broker?

Tailored solutions

A mortgage broker’s expertise lies in understanding the nuances of an investment strategy.

A personalised approach can ensure buyers’ financial needs are met with more precision than if left to an enthusiastic but unqualified investor.

Market insights

As a property investor, staying ahead of market trends is crucial.

An award-winning broker will be well-versed in the shifting dynamics of the property landscape, offering insights that can positively influence investment decisions.

Optimised financing

The ability to secure competitive financing options is a fundamental part of the broker’s role.

By assessing each unique financial circumstance and investment goal, a mortgage broker can guide clients towards loan structures that align with their long-term objectives.

Navigating complexity

Property investment often involves intricate financial arrangements and regulatory considerations. A mortgage broker’s expertise can help in navigating the complexities of financing and ensuring compliance.

Overseas property purchases

Investing in Australian property from overseas adds a whole new layer of bureaucracy and financial complexity. Mortgage brokers with specific experience in this field, with experience working with expatriates and foreign buyers, will simplify the process significantly.

Holistic approach

A mortgage broker’s role extends beyond securing loans. It takes into account an entire financial portfolio, aligning mortgage decisions with a client’s broader financial strategy.

“Whether you’re expanding your property portfolio, exploring your first investment, or navigating cross-border transactions, an award-winning broker can be your compass in the dynamic world of property investment,” Ms Avis said.

This year’s SFG National Awards will be held on 16 November.